all that glitter & gold.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ah yep. today is the first day of fall.
let that glitter & gold rain from the trees motha nature.
i know i say it all of the time that i could live in a place with no seasons and just bask in the sun all hours of the day, wear nothing but my swimmies & skirts. i still say it today because i mean it. i would be a really happy camper if thats how the weather was from january to december. but living in utah is a huge reminder that i love fall. i love the coolness of the air. i love the colors throughout the canyons. i love that the weather associates with the holidays such as my one and only:
fall sets the mood for this lovely occasion.
i get really hyper just thinking about it. all i want to do is decorate bootleg 301 with cobwebs and ghouls and then treat myself to a hardy meal at sundance.
im gonna do it.
happy first day of fall ya'll.
photo from rockstar diaries

1 comment:

Jake and Jenna said...

too bad utah is so freaking hot right now that it's going to kill the fall leaves. i'm so pissed.

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