im goo-goo ga-ga for the neffs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

im goo-goo ga-ga for trevor and jenna neff.
after you watch their wedding/engagment video you'll be drooling over them too.
jenna was my roommate in the fall of 09' back in belmont.
she is the most beautiful thing to mankind.
her closet is a dream. her jewelry is a treasure box
and she LOVES to share/swap.
did i mention she's kind, loving sweet and loves to bake on a whim?
my bunk-bed buddie sara and i would wake up every morning to jenna's harp.
we thought we were at a spa in sundance. it was the most relaxing thing.
especially on sundays.
we were so spoiled living with jenna harris.
living with jenna came the accessory of trevor neff.
we love trevor neff. the kid is a stud and is such the perfect match for miss jenna.

fall in love with the neffs through Haugen Creative's videography of their relationship. p.s. might i add that i came home last night and found my roommate niki crying. i freaked out thinking something horrific happened. nope. i looked at her computer screen and there were the neffs.
this year on my christmas list, i wish for a husband.
this year, on my 22nd (holy canoly) birthday, i will wish for a husband.
until i get my way. i will keep wishing.
cheers to young love.


Courtney Schramm said...

when you see them next -- tell them this random girl is obsssseessed with this...

and them..good job

Jenna Robert said...

Could Jenna get any cuter? I loved this! How do we not know each other? I know Jenna, Nikky Simons, Cam Clifford (who were both in the second video), and Jami Pond. Funny, right? Thanks so much for the nice compliment on the video from my blog- the song is called: "moi je jue" by Brigitte Bardot. Enjoy!

this might tickle your fancy

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