my main squeeze.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

aside from leo dicaprio, who has been my constant companion since my 8th birthday,
cafe rio has always been my main squeeze.
we have this relationship that is based off of so much love.
i've never tasted anything so heavenly.
rio never lets me down. never ever.
when i first came home to utah from england i made sure my first meal was mr. rio.
i was so antsy the whole day knowing i'd be spending my night alone with rio and the bachelor pad. best date ever. that is until i came home and found my house dressing pouring out of its cup into my brown paper bag. i blew a fuse. i've never scrapped a brown paper bag so desperately in my life. because of the buzz kill i decided it wouldn't hurt to redeem mr. rio. so i had another date with him the following night.
i found myself beginning to loose self control. the very next night i was standing in a very familiar line spilling my order to the hispanic man that looks like george clooney due to a free meal. who have i become? cafe rio for dinner three nights in a row?!?
really? that's sounds like a dinner routine of a champion.
i realize this behavior of mine is a little too much to handle so i've cut it down to mr. rio one night a week. typically mr. rio falls on monday nights because who likes mondays? this is a pick-me-up meal. my girls and i literally surround our monday plans around mr. rio. 7 pm on the dot, we meet, we devour, we unbutton our jeans, and we lay low.
if we're feeling crazy, we'll treat mr. rio to the park. we like to make our monday nights evenful. so this is how we work.
i don't think im pathetic.
so if you do, then i am terribly sorry.
xoxo mr. rio.
see you on monday.

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Ed and Amanda said...

I'm glad we can put our differences aside and agree that cafe rio is best for you and costa is best for everyone else haha. I see you put the seahorse it! I'm working on another one for Tess it's going to be awesome!

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