michael joseph jackson.

Monday, November 29, 2010

i really can't help but constantly stalk mj on the internet.
im pretty sure mj is a part of my life everyday
whether it be my ipod, my pandora jackson 5 station
or my constant youtube videos of his most famous performances. 
i just loved this mtv 2009 awards tribute to him after his death. 
i just love that janet was a part of it
and i seriously loose it when beyonce can hardly
stand herself during mj's "scream." 
honest to goodness there are a few things in life i dream of. 
1. wont ever happen, but it was to attend mj's concert. 
it's fine, really it's fine because cirque du soleil is holding their
you're dying right now, i know... please dont buy my ticket and take my spot, i have to save up for this beautiful occasion. my life depends on it. sort of like the time my dad and i chased down u2 tickets in atlanta and they sold in a heartbeat and i cried. i was so depressed, my dad ran to best buy and bought u2 LIVE on dvd. he's a good man. either way he surprised me with two U2 concert tickets for my sister and I in salt lake. it was a great time in my life. but i do believe this could one up it, and i have to save my pennies, so whoever you are, as much as i appreciate your support of my blog... do not buy out all of these tickets. i beg of you. i also might ask you to leave my blog if you take my ticket. 
mj for life. 

2. goal in life. to be a sick dancer. oh my word, if i could move the way these dancers do...
if i could get my act together and memorize, understand and pull off all of mj's memorable dances... i wouldn't have a care in the world. i'd be groovin all day long. not that i already don't, but im pretty pathetic when i try to learn his stuff. 

all i know is that i love this tribute.
and i love mj's kit kat jams. 
and i just flat out love michael joseph jackson, 
the king of pop. 
forever and always. 

p.s. mom and dad (if you see this post, which i do hope you read my blog, i ask that this may be an early birthday present. here is the website for reservations....
if england does not allow you to upload this US website, which they most likely wont because its my grocery store right around the corner... totally ghetto too... then contact me asap) i say this with a wink and a smile. 

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