sweet carolina.

Monday, November 29, 2010

can you tell by our faces that we aren't ready to put up with the snow?
lexi lou and i constantly keep ourselves reminded throughout the year
of how good life is when we spend it in our favorite place on earth. 
hilton head island, south carolina. 
i'm pretty sure my friends are either really curious about this island of mine, 
or would really love for me to shut up about it. 
i talk about this place all. of. the. time. 
sometimes i even get sick of listening to myself ramble on. 
really though, once the snow has a touchdown, 
my countdown begins and i torture myself up until june. 
i surprise myself every time the first snow hits.
i end up kind of digging it, and i do enjoy the silent and still
winter nights. and weather does really make the holidays feel more alive
but holy cow, there is nothing like a good southern coast, 
with great southern people
and a peach daiquiri 
and the scorching heat of the sun. 
now you know why my main blog picture 
is what it is. i can't bring myself to update it. 

1 comment:

Kaycie Q said...

i'm pretty sure people get sick of me talking about hhi all the time as well. :) it's just too great not to mention at least once a day!

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