photo of ze weeka.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

my roomie miss nicole mignon had a little fun with mariss
and i the other night. she just did a little touch up on our eyes 
for a "night life" look. sometimes i think nik should can advertising
in the bag, and take a seat behind a mac counter at nordstrom or something. 
the three of us had fun doing makeup a little more exaggerated then we'd actually wear it
but i felt like i was about to go on a photo shoot. and i got really antsy. 
i was pretending as if i were famous. my secret dream is to be famous.
just so i can be all fancy, and throw on an oscar de la renta gown.
we all have dreams though, right? pah. 


SKVD6 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

you are too cute! how in the world does it look like you have bangs in this pic but then in the "put up w/ the snow" picture it looks like you dont? i am struggling w/ "hiding" my bangs as I grow them out. :)

david_hatton said...

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Nicole said...

This is so great... if only Mariss knew you put this picture up. I just loved glamming you gals up! xoxo

Ed and Amanda said...

woo hoo for Oscar! If I were famous, his gowns would be my first pick too.

Marissa Hicken said...

um. i have no comment.

kristi neil said...

haha i am sitting with jordan and we are dying over this. so glamorous you two are.

this might tickle your fancy

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