a kate special.

Friday, November 5, 2010

so my current project in my graphic design project is to take three separate photos
and combine them into one. to be more clear, find a setting with two subjects and applique the subjects onto the main setting. im really excited with mine. of course im using the great miss kate hudson as my subject and for the background, GREECE!
i'll post some pictures of the finished product when im done.
but for now, i'll just share with you my favorite pictures of kate hudson.
just bask and awe in her beauty.

finally being able to focus on classes for my major has allowed me to feel like myself again when i was in high school. my interests are back up and running and im really digging it. i love that im planning on majoring in fine arts. i love that i find myself googling images of my favorite actresses and models again to become my muse's on my future canvas'. having the opportunity to focus on oil painting again makes me fall back on my obsession with fashion and studying my favorite fashion magazines such as 'harper's bazaar.' im really considering subscribing to that guy again.
don't be surprised if my portfolio for my art program is nothing but kate and kate. she has so much energy and personalty.
i can only imagine how fun the set of the photoshoots are with her.
i just love the arts. and i really love that i can be somewhat involved.
im back in action.

1 comment:

Lindsay Wells said...

oh la la rach you do know how to pick 'um!!! kate hudson in harper's bazaar in nothing but lanvin! yes yes yes please! i love the laundry one.

this might tickle your fancy

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