frost yourselves.

Monday, November 29, 2010

does anyone remember that crazy blizzard of 2010
that was supposed to knock utah out of the water?
does anyone remember when macy's grocery store was out of control
with shoppers believing it was the end of the world?
do you think the shoppers have forgotten that the millenium craze
has past and 2012 (the end of the world) is still a year away?
whether you ripped out the isles of your local store to prepare
for the beast or not, do you remember when it never showed up at your door?
i do. and i was livid. i was ready to live through a historic event
while eating puppy chow and watching flick after flicks. 
what baffles me is the blizzard of 2010 occured 5 days after the warning, 
with no warning at all. and i got to haul ryder my 4runner through the 
nonexistent, frosted, deadly 1-15 roads to pick up some friends at the airport. 
what should have been a 45 minute ride, became a 2 hour.
i was driving 25 mph. yeah, i know what you're thinking...
i was dying. and my arms were about to snap. my grip on that steering wheel
was dangerous and i was on a mission to make it to salt lake. 
and i did. and my mission was accomplished. 
and ryder has no Band-Aids, and my roomie nik finds my driving magnificent. 
and i was rewarded with a few tokyo drifts (doughnuts)  in the church parking lot 
with nik and robby and i was screaming my head off. 
we were cautious. don't you fret. 
i have a feeling winter is going to be hanging out with us for quite some time.
welcome winter, thanks for dropping in. 

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nicole me oh my! said...

you are cracking me up, like always.

i hope robby does something extra nice to you and nicole for making you risk your lives to pick him up! holy. it is making me nervous just thinking about it.

i hate driving in the snow. the only way to enjoy it is cozied up inside.

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