mr. al einstein.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hit the nail on the head al.
moving forward. though at times
you think it's impossible to do,
i believe its the best thing you can do.

college is rough. constant change.
constant downfall. hopes fly, you know crash and burn.
men will be men. drama will be drama.
people come and go. you move in, you move out.
as long as you keep those wheels of your spinning,
i think youll be good to go.
and when disappointment knocks on your door
keep telling yourself how freaking awesome you are.
over and over and over again.
and soon enough someone else
will realize your awesomeness as well.

so cheers to all who find balance and move forward
i think you all are pretty freaking awesome.


kristi neil said...

amen sistaaa. cheers to us for keep moving forward. perfect post. love you pretty lady.

Nicole said...

love this. I couldn't agree more. Good thing we have such good friends to help us move along :) Love you!

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