taking a break from halloween.

Monday, November 8, 2010

yep. i know. i passed up halloween this year.
it's very unlike me. in fact those who know me well would think i was ill.
i don't know, i just wasn't up for the typical provo halloween party.
didn't care to see almost bare girls.
just not up my alley.
so the sista's and i decided to pack our bags,
rent a van
(which ended up being a 2011 black tahoe,
i know, i was freaking out too)
and hop on the I-15 going south
for a bit of a vacation in sunny california.
not to mention marissa sue began her
22rd year of life so that was a must celebration as well.
so i hate to say it, but no costume for me.
no candy.
no monster mash.
nothing but mexican grub,
and sunshine.


Brady and Brittany said...

I would totally rather do this than Halloween any day!!!! Love it!

kristi neil said...

loved this weekend with my sistaaas. so much better than halloween in provo. i could use the beach right about now...

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