give me a break.

Monday, December 13, 2010

you guys. i am in a serious need of a break. but i can't complain because im on the homestretch. just three more days and im free. just a week and i'll be kicking it sundance style up in a cabin with my family for christmas. just two more weeks and i'll be kicking it back like above in sunny california for new years with life long friends. so i can't complain but i will tell you this much...

i don't think you'll understand the state of mind im in right now. i literally just pulled an all nighter due to a 3d design project that is due in an hour from now. i have not gone to bed, i have not experienced shut eye and i could crash and burn any second. although, i will say... i do love the outcome of my fancy pants tissue chandelier. here she is : 

im a proud mother of a new light fixture. next step is a trip to ikea for a lightbulb. 
happy monday to you all. i promise you that i will be found in my bed the rest of this busy day and no one will wake me. so good day, and good night. 
rachel rabbit. 

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