"christmas lights, keep shining on"

Friday, December 3, 2010

coldplay. seriously?
they don't ever cease to amaze me. honestly. 
and miss gwyneth, she better count her many blessings. 
i just love this holiday song of coldplays. 
have you ever been to one of their concerts?
if not, i HIGHLY recommend it. 
honestly, the best concert i've ever been too. 
i cried in it. i cried because i was moved and touched. 
christ martin knows how to do it. now, im not some 
music junkie and i dont know the facts of life when it comes to it, 
but i know my personal taste in music and what really speaks to me
and coldplay hands down, will always do that. 
if coldplay doesn't do it for you... then i don't know what will. 
you know how some musicians you love come out with new jams
and it's just a little different then what you are used to hearing? 
and you say to yourself, "mmm yeah, give me a month to get use to it. 
it will grow on me, and by then i'll be in love with the song." 
this never happens to me with coldplay. never. 
i instantly think... wow, he's done it again.
really though, don't you kind of get just an intsy bit
emotional when you watch this video and hear this song?
it just makes me happy. really happy, for the things i have in life.
the people and even the strangers who go out of their way to just be kind.
thats what i think of when i hear this song.
so thank you coldplay for putting a smile on my face
 gwyneth knows what im talking about. 
im pretty sure chris martin is THE scientist. 

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Ed and Amanda said...

yes he is!! the scientist is my favorite coldplay song but yes, I don't think I have ever not liked one of his songs. I'm so glad you put this up, I had no idea that they came out with this and I love it! I love it when he kinda slows down the words. Makes want a piano to practice on so bad!

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