christmas devotional.

Monday, December 6, 2010

thanks to my friend, brooks, a group of about twenty, 
were able to attend the christmas devotional up in salt lake city
last night. we were blessed with floor seats. yes, floor. 
i can't even begin to express how beautiful the christmas decor was
and the feeling you were overwhelmed with as you walked in. 
there sure was a lot of hustle and bustle getting to the conference center, 
but to be honest, i didn't really mind. the rush of the crowds
made it feel more like the holidays.
the mormon tabernacle choir did it again.
sometimes, i really can't get over how beautiful they sound.
they really are angels. and it felt so good to see the leaders of our church
speak and spread christmas cheer!
it was a grand ol' holiday night and i just love downtown salt lake.
i really think i could live there. i know i told my dad once upon a time
that i couldn't, now i change my mind.
but i think i only could reside there throughout my college years.
and that's all.

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