singing in the rain.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

earth to readers. if you dont know by now
i secretly wish i were a performer/entertainer. 
if i could be anything in the world (minus a
hardcore ghost hunter) i would be an actress/singer/dancer.
i would do it all. i really live for theatrical performances. 
i secretly envy certain people in the entertainment business who
do this for their career every day. i think this is why i am such a teeny bopper 
deep down and shamefully obsess over certain celebrities, but COME ON
how could you not want to be a part of a production like this?
one way or another, i am going to try and get a family gathering and recreate
this "umbrella/singing in the rain" scene from glee. 
and if i can't make that happen, then i'll just hit the shower
again and keep performing in my bathroom, all alone by myself. 
just like i do every day. 
i wanna be a star. that's all. 


kristi neil said...

i loveeeeed this performance. so good. i also really enjoy your singing in the shower performances...please dont stop those!

Nicole said...

Let's learn this dance rach-EL!

Cash said...

i love glee. obsessed.

this might tickle your fancy

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