evolution of the jcrew watercolors.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

finally! im back to doing what i love most in watercolor, thanks to a whoppin' finals assignment. the ONLY thing i enjoy in watercolor are fashion illustrations, everything else im horrible at and toss it in the trash. but when it comes to fashion, im crying over excitement. last semester i focused on some oscar de la renta runway fashions. it was my first time conquering this sort of thing, and so i was timid throughout the whole process. i plan on selling the oscar illustrations, but this semester im focusing on fashion illustrations with more pizzaz : jcrew spring 2013 collection. i want every single outfit. every. single. one. so im saving my pennies. but in the meantime of saving, i'll be watercoloring away! these too will be sold as prints, but not until the next year! i'll keep you posted of the finished products! wish me luck!

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Brooke said...

You are so talented and so darling! Love your blog :)

this might tickle your fancy

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