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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

looking for a fun and unique christmas gift for the ones you love? something out of the blue and ordinary. here you have it: ICE CREAM! there is something about that ice cream up there that makes me go crazy and goo good ga ga. isn't it a pretty spread of cream? the texture is beautiful and the flavors sound deliciously legit. there is this ice cream website i came across and im obsessed. jeni's splendid ice creams.  im in love with the layout and design of the site, im in love with their mission and ideas, im in love with their descriptive detail in their writing of how they came about, and im obsessed with their packaging and photography of their ice cream products. that's right, you can order this special ice cream online. i know, what's the point when you can go to your local grocery store? well, it's just so dang cute, and filled with numerous flavors that you can get no where else that it makes for a really great gift for those ice cream lovers out there. you can buy the icecream in their popular collections, or you can buy a single pint of the flavor. what is fun is that they pipe in their two cents in suggesting what flavors taste good together if you want to mix them up a bit!

here's what jeni has to say about her superb ice cream. her description really makes you wanna jump on board.
   "we create ice creams we fall madly in love with, that we want to bathe in, that makes us see million-year-old stars. we devour it out of mason jars, coffee-mugs-whatever we can get our hands on. handmade american ice cream = bliss with a big B. every single thing we put in our ice cream is legit. generic chemist-built ice cream bases and powered astronaut-friendly gelato mixes? no, ma'am. we build every recipe from the ground up with luscious, snowville milk and cream from cows that eat grass. with that exquisite base, we explore pure flavor in whatever direction moves us at any moment, every day, all year."

kind of makes your mouth water huh? jump all on it for the holidays! if you decide to give it a try, i'd love to know what flavors you tested and fell in love with!

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