merry christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas to all! i feel so lucky and blessed to be cooped up in a cabin in the snow with my family and all of the kiddies. we are having a ball just basking in each others company, sitting by the warm fire, watching christmas movies and playing a butt load of scrable & greed, our personal favorites!

Christmas Eve was a blast, even more so with children. All of my nieces and my nephew were able to witness Rudolph pulling Santa's sleigh in the snow as I hid outside under the deck ringing the sleigh bells and the Zoo hauled his little toosh across the snow to shine a flashlight covered in red tissue paper for Rudi's nose. The kids were about to loose their minds! The whole night we've been tracking Santa as he had been busy swarming the homes of families all over the world. We watched him fly through the town, over Paris & Ireland and then he made-way over the states in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and before we knew it, Santa and his sleigh landed smack down in Heber City, Utah and the kids were about to wet themselves. THEY COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. so they watched and then scurried quickly to bed so that Santa could squeeze through the Chimney and lay about the presents and stockings with care.

we've been having so much fun so far. with the smell of the homemade cooking a'fixin' in the kitchen, while the boys ski down the slopes, and the week ahead consists of snow shoeing and sledding adventures with aunts and uncles galore! we're in for a great treat!

hope you all have had a very merry christmas! and may the new year be ever so good to you!

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