papi cioco.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Papi Cioco is what i call this new painting of mine. It's not completely finished. I actually just started it today in my painting class and I have never attempted to do an abstract painting quite like this one. Abstracts are pretty hard to conquer, they look doable, but you have to constantly fight with your mind and try to not think about it if that makes any sense. You just paint what you feel, you go with your gut instinct and you just do it. You don't plan, you just lather that oil on there. It's exciting not ever knowing how your painting will end up like.

I don't know why I call this one Papi Cioco. I've come to find that when I title my work, I like to make up words that sounds decorative or fancy. Not knowing what Papi Cioco was after coming up with it, I googled it and found out that Papi Cioco is an actual person that I could befriend on facebook. Whoops...

So here's to Papi Ciaco and to all that this painting will become! Wish me luck!

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