the gangs all here!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

C.R., Alberta, Sam, London, Dr. Dijon, Shugga, Paul, Rita, Alby, Cougar, Mister Crimson, Principal Amethyst, Willy, Kara, Tele, Sally, Marci, Doris, Sylvia and James : THE GANGS ALL HERE! For a murder at the Anonville Manor, that is! That's right the players have come to play as the zoo and I have officially sent out the invitations to take my friends back to the 1950's and treat them to a halloween party in honor of the grand re-opening of the Anonville Manor, a hotel that is known for it's hauntings and ghosts. Hopefully all of my guests are ready to dine and laugh on all Hallow's Eve and keep safe from the ghouls that roam the hallways of my hotel. Wish me luck on throwing my first Murder Mystery Party! I hope it to be a hoot and a hollar!

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