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Saturday, October 13, 2012

just a sneak peek of my trip home to georgia. im still here you know, but im killing time while the parents are catching some zzzzz's and zeke is getting caught up on his south carolina football game that was recorded. i dare not watch because my dad already broke the news to me that the gamecocks loose by 2 points. so... i already know the worst thats yet to come, and zeke might die. so im keeping my distance by blogging in the other room. rut-row.

so far our short, oh so short trip home has been a blast! my parents threw us a really really nice italian dinner party for our open house here in georgia for those who couldn't make it out to utah for the wedding. INTERRUPTION : i couldn't help but giggle when i just heard zeke in the other room yell out, "you idiots." anyways, my mom put in a lot of work to have our house all prepped for our family and friends to visit and she really out did herself. im not surprised though, she does this kind of stuff all the time and enjoys doing it. i love to see her outcome because i am ALWAYS wowed. she blows everything out of the water. she's pretty much wonder woman.

so we have been busy bees helping her around the house. as usual, i have hit my favorite spots for grub. ate bbq, fried okra and hash brown casserole straight from the airport for lunch. then dinned at night at my favorite cajun creole place called roux for some cheesy jalapeno shrimp and grits, gumbo and beignets. i was really bummed we lucked out on the fried alligator bites. they ran out of alligator meat at 5 pm! and they won't be getting anymore until MONDAY MORNING! we leave SUNDAY NIGHT. did you know these fried alligator bites are only in season during the fall? if you do the math, that means i have to wait a whole freaking year to down those puppies. what will i ever do? maybe this calls for a trip closer to the coast. maybe this calls a trip to new orleans to ease the pain... that means my fingers are crossed. its okay though, because today for lunch, i spoiled myself with fried cajun pickles with creole remoulade and a fried green tomato sandwich with tomato jam. im pretty sure you could care less about my menu of food. im also pretty sure every time i wrap up all of my trips to georgia, i tell you exactly what i eat, and i tell you the exact same thing every time. what can i say? i really really love my southern cooking. oh, did i mention we came home to my moms "minnie's chocolate pie?" you bet your bottom dollars that  the zoo ate about 4 slices in one day on top of the beignets and all that fried food. his body couldn't handle it, he got sick. that's what happens when you don't train your body for some deep southern cooking from the soul. zeke was quick to respond to me saying, "i hope you know that mississippi, alabama and georgia are the three states with the most over weight people." sorry, we can't help that we get down in the kitchen... and sorry i asked for a deep frying in our wedding registry, and im sorry that we GOT IT.

So this is naylor hall above. one of my favorite homes in the town i grew up. the zoo and i could have had our reception here. it's nothing i like to speak of, sensitive subject really. but aside from that buzz kill, isn't she a beauty? i love how she is framed with all of her lush greenery. we took a stroll this afternoon on our way to grab lunch and she always catches my eye. so guess what i found out friday night? roswell, georgia, the town right smack next to me which i basically grew up in, has ghost tours. why did i not know this? i took my parents and the zoo to the first graveyard of roswell where the founders of the city and their families and their SLAVES were buried. not to mention, president theodore roosevelt s grandfather is buried there too. but slaves?? that's how old this was. while we were walking up to the graveyard, a whole entire ghost tour is stoppin' on by us. my mind was blown. i should have done that tour yeaaarrrssss ago. next time, oh you bet i'll be hitting it up next time im home.

tomorrow is our last day here for the year of 2012. i hope to make it back in the spring so i dont have to keel over and die while waiting until june 2013. i might as well be put behind bars. its just such a long time. but i'll live. my parents are a blast to be around. zeke and i have gained a lot of weight. it was refreshing to see many faces of family and friends ive known my whole life. ive been in hog heaven this whole weekend. tomorrow will be well spent and i can't wait.

goodnight neverland.


Ashley Kay said...

i love that sweet southern georgia! i went on a ghost tour in old town roswell last summer and LOVED IT! you'll have to go!

Home is whenever I'm with you said...

Now I wanna go back home! I feel your pain though, when my husband and I are in North Carolina, we always drag our feet to the Airport and say "We HATE Arizona!!" ;) Enjoy the last little bit of your trip!

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