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Friday, November 2, 2012

holy cow, has it come and gone already!? October, one of my favorite months out of the year. Halloween, one of my favorite holidays out of the year. Both are gone and done, and I think they left in a BANG. Every October, I always pump myself up to go all out, make sure everything is halloween-o-fied, throw a murder mystery that i've been talking about for years, and by october 31, it all never seemed to add up quite how i had planned and envisioned. that doesn't mean my month of october wasn't spooky enough for me, because it always was one way or another. but this year, i finally gave it and really really put a lot of effort into making this october the best of the best. i ditched the provo halloween parties that never made it feel like halloween. i decked the crap out of the bungalow and had a blast doing it with the zoo. i love that he loves halloween just as much as i do. and by golly, i finally forced myself to purchase a murder mystery kit and i did it, i threw one. it was more work that i figured it would be, and i regretted putting it together while planning, but once it was all said and done, and my party people showed up to the "haunted manor" with accents, outfits and their acting gear, i was very much pleased and filled with more excitement than ever! the murder mystery was a HIT and I was so glad i finally went through with it. It makes me want to throw one EVERY hallows eve now!

This month I was able to visit haunted houses, challenge myself to carving new pumpkins, the zoo and i watched countless halloween classics as well as alfred hitchcock's, the twilight zones and of course, the original 'house on haunted hill.' and for the first time ever, i was able to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood! now THAT really made it feel like halloween, a classic night. i have ultimately decided that krispy kreme halloween doughnuts are my favorite halloween treat, aside from candy corn, and my boyfriend is frankenstein every single october of the year. well, as sad as it is that october is long and gone now, i will say, november will be nice to sit back and relax. sadly, thanksgiving is a holiday i don't tend to go all out on so its a great month to take a breather and eat chocolate pies and mashed potatoes. also, what is even more sad, is i skip the thinking and excitement of christmas once halloween is over. instead, I jump ahead, way ahead and now i can't stop thinking of july and how im going to decorate for the 4th! here's to the holidays! i hope you all had a safe and spooky halloween!

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