its fall break. that's it, im going to georgia.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

ahhh fall calls for a much needed break from school. thank you uvu. its offical. i have no school today or the next. so the zoo and i are packing up our small carry-on bags and hitting the skies for my southern home in georgia to visit my parents and wrap up the wedding season. my mom is throwing us a open house at our home where all of the people i grew up with will finally be able to meet the zoo! putting the pressure on him, i'd say.

i just can't wait to be home. though it hasnt been long since i was last home, my parents and georgia never get old. when i go home, im just filled with charm. these photos above were taken some time ago when my parents and i went to madison, georgia. i really can't recall why we went down to madison, but we did and just like the city i grew up in, i loved the homes just the same.

cant wait to leave on that jet plane tomorrow. can't wait to hang with my parents and eat my moms homemade chocolate pie, minnie jackson style. and i cant wait to eat gumbo, fried pickles, fried okra and grits. oh and im really keeping my fingers crossed that the alligator bites are finally in season. yes, i said it ALLIGATOR BITES. and i can't wait to be surrounded by the comforting southern charm. the feeling that i always long for.


"scarlett o'hara"

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