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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

it's really fun to say that i currently reside in a 1920s bungalow with an interior that reminds me of "The Help." im really having a blast in mine and the zoo's new gig. especially since one of my favorite decades is the twenties as well as the fifties and with the two combined, im having a ball. i love that the house still has characteristics from each decade. i wouldn't have it any other way.

life with the zoo has been quite fun and adventurous. im glad i married a man who likes projects just as much as i. we like to renovate things and bring in the old and vamp with a little bit of the new. our house is coming together slowly, but surely and though i wish i could snap my fingers and have it be done, it's fun to see it come together. zeke has been a huge help and i love his workman ship and the fact that he likes to get it done. he's spent countless of hours painting the walls and spray painting who knows what in the backyard.

this past weekend was a thriller. it involved getting much done around the house. we finally got our new vintage travel posters in the mail that i was thrilled with. i have a HUGE fetish for vintage travel posters. im starting to have too many, we don't have room for them on the walls. im now learning the love men have for football. which is cool and all, but we JUST got a tv that includes the SciFi and Thriller networks (please don't judge , I just really love mysteries and the twilight zone and all things haunted) so when you realize that saturday is game day, and sunday in NFL and heaven forbid monday is Monday night football, i have to put my shows aside and do it for the zoo. happy husband, happy life. so i joined him for as much as i could stand with the football shin dig. dont get me wrong, all i need is my ohio state football game and then im good to go. so i let him be and did my favorite thing, treasure hunting at antique stores with my girl chelly.

chelly and i spent our saturday afternoon digging for some good finds and making way through the halloween warehouses. i think i hit a jackpot when i found two matching chairs for a total of $10.00. yeah i know. they need a lot of work, sanding, painting and definitely reupholstering, which i have never done before so wish me luck. but zeke and i ran out of projects so this one is for the weekend. chelly and I got our spook on and finally im in the zone of all things october and halloween. one of my favorite months and holidays. i really think i kind of want to wear one of those painted masks while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, which i heard on our streets are really mean teenagers. whooopaaaaa.

that night we lived in the moment of halloween by attending a thriller at the theater, "The House At the End of the Street" or something like that, with Jennifer Lawrence, and i kind of digged it. Weird, weird story line but I was hooked.

lately, our life consists of a new diet after having a field day in costco. SKINNY COWS. the zoo and i probably eat about 2 a day. or maybe just me. but either way they have the word skinny in it so i never feel bad about it. smooth advertising.

and back to the treasure hunting. we have a friend who does metal detecting and before you make your remarks, its actually a really cool hobby. since our house dates back to the 20's we had our friend stop by and metal detect both our front and back yard. it was kind of fun sitting on my front porch and eating my lunch while i watched him literally dig for gold. he found a 14 karat gold ring as well as a mens razor straight from the 20's! zeke and i googled it and it was the exact razor from the 20's. we were loving it! so adventurous!

so life is random as you can tell, but grand and adventurous. we are having a blast and enjoying each others company and now we are really getting ready to party with october in our midst and me letting go of my tropical dreaming. we already starting to decorate our house spooky last night while eating krispy kreme halloween doughnuts and boy was i wired!! post to come later!

have a great week ya'll!

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J & J said...

this sounds like SO MUCH FUN. i love you and zeke. and that's amazing about the metal detecting.

did you know in my neighborhood there used to be a mental hospital? like, literally two streets away? well, the story goes that a mental patient escaped one night and never came back. people have seen an apparition of a women in a long white gown, sitting on the bench near where the hospital used to be. i repeat--- IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. sooo.. you should come visit and we can check it out.

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