decade color palettes.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

what is all of this you ask? oh, why its color palettes based upon decades. one of my favorite things. note : i love color. i live for color. my wardrobe, my house, my paintings, everything screams with lush hues of color. im currently in a color theory class  and im finding that im really enjoying my time there. we learn the nit-grit of everything you need to know about color. i've been given my color workbook that i will keep for the rest of my life as an artist. it's the bible for an artist, really. understanding color is more difficult than you think. there are so many things to know that sometimes, i find my head spinning. but overall, i can't help but get giddy when i realize my class consist of me painting color swatches and organizing them neatly in a binder. it's so strange that i get such a kick out of it, but i do.

color is very important to me, as an artist. i use it everyday, and i think about it 24/7. when i paint, i choose oils. why? because to me, the pigments are more rich and delicious. you can layer and build texture and create color on a canvas that will make people want to touch and observe. when i paint abstracts in school, the hardest part is choosing your color pallet. for me, i love to tie in fashion, and things that i adore wether it be a photo of a dreamy place i plan to travel to sometime in my life. an abstract painting could be the color palette of the south of france for all i care! lately, it has been pages out of the spread of jcrews latest style guide. this is where and how i gain my inspiration.

so, when i came across this, on instyle's website, my jaw dropped and i was in heaven. they created color palettes based upon decades and when they started with grace kelly, i was sold. aren't these awesome? i may have to take up one and use it for a future painting! we shall see!

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