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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

read above and you will see that this color confidential was meant for me me me! did you read above? if not, i'll fill you in on the quick version. basically jcrew is allowing you to discover a confidential job behind the scenes of each seasons collection. this job is nothing short of my kind of amazing! it is everything dealing with color. Ms. Cherie is Jcrew's in-house color librarian! yes, yes, she is in charge of sitting down and gathering her mood boards and displaying hues after hues after hues of what they call "one-of-a-kind palettes." on top of creating the color palettes, she also is the magic maker in giving each color a NAME! yes, a name. I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure i hired myself waaaaaaayyy before Cherie got this job. Of course, I was self employed and I was also under the age of 10 and would take my nail polishes and swipe a swatch of the color into my notebook and neatly in the most organized fashion, rename each and every hue. i freaking love color. luckily, i get to work with it every day while painting so i get my fair dosage, but turning the tables wouldn't be so bad either if i could title myself, "The In-House Color Librarian." I love that she gains her inspirations from world travels and the things around her. It's similar in the way that i gain inspiration for my paintings. in fact, my series of paintings in my painting class right now is all inspired from my caribbean honeymoon, my dreams of new orleans, and jcrew style guide spreads covering their color palettes, textiles and all. this all ties back into my first painting of the series, the tropics. do you guys think that this job would be a load of fun or is it just me? ahh, the life of a color librarian must be grand...

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