its been too long.

Friday, February 4, 2011

{this photo of sienna and jude has nothing to do with this post. 
i just really love this photo. so much i could frame it in my own room. 
so i thought i'd share.} 

it's been too long friends. i've just been a busy little bee with loads of paintings for school and a sea creature sculpture that is owning my life. i've been in the process of revamping life. im currently itching for warm weather and sunshine which is making me have a heads up on spring cleaning. out with the old, in with the new. im rearranging my room to make it feel new and fresh. replacing old pictures in frames with new events that are occurring in my life and stashing clothes in a bin that i tend to ignore and not find so exciting to try on anymore. no worries, give those clothes about a year in hiding and i'll find them appealing once again. im just searching for simple and crisp. i guess you could say im becoming a little more high maintenance. not in a negative way, i just want to take better care of the things i have, because i know they are of some worth. 

im in the process of growing out those sha-bang bangs and it's quite the trip. i just started a new oil painting. it's a vintage landscape of a german city. the canvas is rather large and the painting process is quite tedious but i have a feeling in my gut that im going to love the ending result. i think my friends and i are all going through a transition stage right now and to be quite honest, it happens around the same time every year and do you know who i have to blame for that? the weather, the snow, slush, ice, and wind. it's not appealing to me and im not digging it. it really takes a toll on things. good news though, the infamous groundhog didn't see his shadow so low and behold, an early spring is coming my way. and for that, i say give me the april showers. 

im making big plans for the spring and summer this year. i didn't really have a summer last year i feel because i spent it in england with my parents. dont get me wrong, i was in hog heaven enjoying traveling around, but the weather was a bit chillier then a humid heat, i lost my glow, and i wasn't swimming every minute of every hour. and i missed the 4th of july (my favorite holiday) for the 2nd year in a row. first year was due to being in africa, i know... im not really complaining because how could i? i was in africa. once again, nor am i complaining about england. i was in london for crying out loud and fell in love with the place. aside from my travels, i plan to make it a goal to soak up the months of summer that i am given. im already brainstorming like a wild woman over my 4th of july celebration. i want to make it a bangaranging time with friends and go a little old school. i want to take many trips to california and go sailing, explore and cruise on my bike along the coast.

 140 days until i fly back to the old south, visit home in georgia, bask in the kudzu, humidity, thunderstorms and the old southern twain, then venture to the island that has treated me just right since the days of old... hilton head island, south carolina. once that sun shines i will be content. until then, im preparing in the best way possible. to get threw this cold front with a positive attitude and smile. its not that bad... i promise, im just a real sucker for the heat. onward ever onward my friends. aren't you so happy its february? me too. 

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