step in line.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

step in line for fashion my ladies. 
remember when i deep cleaned my room? well i took a big blunt step into my closet. 
and with therapy and help from the roommates, i got rid of a lot, a lot of clothes. 
good clothes too. lots of pieces from JCREW and ANTHROPOLOGIE. 
and i hate to see them go, but i just dont ever wear them enough. and they
are begging for new owners who can strut them, and give them tender love and care. 
within in the next couple of days, i'll post the items with their prices and you can have at it. just email me the item you'd love to be yours and we'll make the move. 
im currently pricing them right now, so give me a couple of days. 

now keep in mind. i live in utah. so those out-of-staters, im sorry but this might be physically impossible. these items will be picked up at my crib. 
but to those of utah county, get excited!!

1 comment:

Brady and Brittany said...

I am legitimately excited...but we may not be the same size. That is the only issue bwahah

this might tickle your fancy

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