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Monday, February 14, 2011

there is this little tiny red book that sits on a shelf at bookstores far and wide. it's a simple book, with simple statements of why a little girl loves this little boy. it's simply put and warms the soul. it's one of my favorite books. i hope you can find this gem and remove it from the retail shelf into your warm home and share it with the one whom you like. this book is called, "I Like You." 

"not since elizabeth barrett asked robert browning, "how do i love thee? let me count the ways," has there burst upon the waiting world such a glorious and heartfelt catalogue as this.
here is the book damon would have given pythias; romeo would have given juliet; tonto would have given the lone ranger; cleopatra would have given antony; charlie brown would have given snoopy; and you can give to some very special friend."
 - sandol stoddard warburg.

im very excited to give my book to a very special friend. 
happy valentines day to you all. 
hugs and kisses. 

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