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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what better way is there spending Martin Luther King Jr. Day then exiting off of 600 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in downtown Salt Lake with a explore full of college kiddies? There is no other way. my roommate em got the hookups and was able to score an $80.00 room in the downtown Marriott. With the large amount of human beings, we snuck into the room, we each paid about 10 bucks. that basically amounts to your average angelina jolie flick. compare the two and realize we got the better half. 

the night was out of control, i don't understand how we didn't get kicked out. we played a very heated game of catchphrase... and i dont really ever care for that game, but this time around i was on one. have you ever played the game "silent football?" my good friend robby brought this game to our attention that involved absolute silence, accents, tattle taling, secret telling and enemy making. we were rolling on the floor, a-hooting & a-hollering. it was by far the most entertaining game i've played. 

another addition to the holiday night was niks trip to the greenhouse, which is known for their crepes. little did we know that this "greenhouse" was a circus of freaks. im pretty sure we discovered the new hideout for charlie mansons followers. we ordered, hid until the food was served, and dashed... salt lake city has all sorts of surprises, apparently, so does niki girl. 

sleeping arrangements were handled by breaking marriott rules. we snuck 3 roll-away cots into one room. got each cot from from a different floor and gave it a ride up the elevator. our room was basically one massive mattress. we all slept like dogs. all in all. it was a great holiday. how was your holiday?

p.s. im making that barf face because i did indeed become best friends with the toilet that night... niki's "greenhouse effect" really effected me. maybe the hippies had a little fun with my strawberry crepe. 


Anonymous said...


Leilani Livingston said...

i miss you so much it hurts.

The Young Family Inc. said...

You are soooo cute Rachey. Rachie. Rachy. Rachee.


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