igor + andre'.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

igor + andre' is one of my favorite artists. he is incredible and has definitely called shots on his own style. i love him because 1. he ties fashion into his artwork. all throughout high school my favorite runway model, gemma ward, was my muse. she was all that i painted and i was most likely more drawn to paint photographs with clothing that was textured, bright and printed. and if gemma was modeling the clothes, then i won jackpot. this guy is incredible though. he has painted many of my favorite models and does so in such a unique way. 

i love how in this video of his, he uses mixed mediums, one of which is watercolor. im currently in a watermedia class at school right now, and though i was dreading it because im a hardcore oil girl, im actually finding myself digging deeper and deeper into this medium. im kind of getting hooked. its a tricky thing to conquer and though im still trying to get control over the watercolor, the overall medium can create some really beautiful pieces. any hoo... here is a sample of what i love. enjoy.

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sara rae said...

love him. he always reminded me of your style. not to mention his similar love of gemma ward.

this might tickle your fancy

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