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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so im finally going through all of my photos from my trip to africa. my trip that was two years ago. nah, really just a year and a half ago, but either way i think i've put it off long enough to edit, print, and publish these bad boys into their very own africa photo album, and land themselves a spot of a bookshelf for all to explore through and learn of my adventures.

obviously, going through these photos really gets me a bit sad that i am no longer planted on that continent and that i haven't seen many of the people whom i explored the place with in quite some time. i couldn't tell you the last time we had a "ghana reunion." and when we do have the next one, i really wish for big cash, lots of bills, more green mula then i can count so that we can relocate our reunions to actual africa and not some LA 105 room in UVU. how grand would that be? a trip to ghana once a year with the people you experienced it with. you know, money can't be that evil if youre drooling over it to take you to a place where so few have gone to see people whom you can only view through a photograph on a day to day basis. all im asking for is a trip to rekindle my flames with the people i fell in love with.

it's almost been a two years and my boys godfred and yaw still call me from across the seas. can you believe i've kept in touch over phone with a 16 and 14 year old? sometimes, i sit back and think of the reality of it and just laugh because it blows my mind that i am sitting in granola utah (no offense, it's just the "shut up and shred" season for all snow-boarders and skiers) with a phone that connects me to two local african boys in ghana, africa, and we are just chatting away. godfred called me a couple of weeks ago on his birthday. i think it was the most entertaining conversation we've had. he was very demanding in asking me to sing to him over the phone. so i did just that. i sang him happy birthday with his whole family tuning in; his mom, his little babe brother jr. and his clan of boys he can't get enough of. they were laughing the whole time i was singing. i dont know whether they were giddy over the fact a blonde 21 year old american was singing to them or if they were making fun of me. godfred was defiantly on one and pretty loopy if you ask me. it gave me a little hoot and a holler too. it was really refreshing to hear little godfred laugh. he was always laughing when we'd be hanging out in the streets of ghana. on mango tree streed to be exact. he's just a happy boy despite the lack of things he has in life. this is why i love him. im very thankful to know that he and his family are doing well. its a scary thought to think something could happen to these kids one day. i love them to death.

anyways, thats my memory for the day of my adventure to africa. i feel like my blog during the winter time becomes a blog of, "do you remember when's" rather then, "this is what i did today." me and the roomies don't take pictures too often during these times of fair skin and roots. besides, we don't get out too much either with the snow coming in, so we've resorted to an old school nintendo 64 mario cart tournament. im not complaining, im having the time of my life being bowser and all.

can't wait for march to come. it's going to be a good, busy, fast month.
adios for ze night.

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Carlie said...

I love this, and I totally agree with you. We need to have another Ghana reunion, and it should be in Ghana. I miss it so much sometimes i cry! It was soo good running into you the other day. We should take charge of this little reunion!!

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