Ta Ta Twinners

Monday, March 31, 2008

I love these twins of mine to death. sure gonna miss them.

Two of my best friends from College, Brandon & Andrew Bledsoe packed up and got ready to head out on their missions to Australia and New Zealand. Yes, they are twins. It's crazy to think I have known them for almost a year now. I love these kids to death. They made my freshman year of college worthwhile. This past weekend some friends of hours had a roadtrip to La Canada, California to support them at their farewell. It was the greatest/hardest weekend. We had so much fun filling in each others time as much as possible with our company and jokes. On Sunday they gave their farewell talks and I couldn't be any prouder. They are such great friends to have and I have loved being with them for a year now. I will miss them so much but letters will keep us in touch. Besides, who couldn't pass up two years of life in Australia & New Zealand? I don't blame them... so here's to my Bledsoe Twins & California!

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