Willy The Duck

Friday, March 7, 2008

It's 12:45 p.m. on a Thursday night. My roommates and I were causually dancing and baking a tasty cake. Suddenly the front doors handle begins to slowly turn. "Is something trying to creep in here and sneak in/surprise us?" we ask. Ashley, my roommate walks up to the door, opens it and witnesses two creepy boy's with hoodies to cover their faces and lepard blankets hanging over them. They drop something off into our kitchen. What could it be? Low and behold, a wild DUCK is loose in our kitchen, flapping his wings! We were screaming our heads off. The boys ran and left us to lying on the floor screaming, laughing, and peeing in panic. Wha the "h" are we supossed to do with a duck? A wild duck, flocking around in our own abode?
So let me tell you what we did. We grabbed some towels, wrapped our new friend in them (he was in a panic state as well) and we gave him a name, Willy. We then ran down the cold hallways screaming, in fear that Willy crapped all over me. False alarm, he was just stretching. Our loud noises attracted other BYU students, "No worries, it's just a wild duck!" We dashed into the car and sped to the pond to return Willy to his family. I kid you not it was a colony of ducks! Not that I assumed anything less, but we let Willy free and that's where we said our goodbyes and departed.
So what now? Let me tell you what now, we are going to find those butt holes who did this and we are starting a revolution.
Do you have any suggestions?
this is what I've come up with so far with the help of my friends Seth & Bill (who are two of my best friends in the whole wide world, who are so awesome, and so handsome, and so smart, and well educated, and witty.)

1. Buy fish, large ones, big ones, sneak into the kids apartment, fill up the bathtub and let them swim freely.
2. Fill the shower heads with kool Aid.
3. ehh... i have a head ache.
4. allow your sneaky self to come forth and help me out!

get back to me asap.
the leader of the pack.

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