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Sunday, March 16, 2008

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Note to self: Rachel is not having kids for a very very very long time. pinky promise.
I had the opportunity to babysit my aunt susans kids for 4-5 days, while her and justen went on a little vacation. I knew it would be a lot of work- but I didn't really think I'd loose my mind during the process as well as a lot of sleep. Just a couple of things that were a little to wild for me to handle: #1 I forgot to put a diaper on Grace before she went to bed (one of the twins) and low and behold the next morning we all had a little surprise. I had to wash her sheets and wash her body- with my hands since we ran out of wipes. While Grace was in the tub crying, I had Jackson next to us throwing up in the toilet because of the rank smell and the whole situation. Then there up on the counter crouched over the sink was Estelle gagging and plugging her nose. Emma just starred. It was rather fun, really. Have you ever tried getting two twins ready for school? I know Jenna and Katie have and it's close to impossible. But all in all, we had fun and I passed the mommy test. We played ding-dong ditched to their friends... I allowed them to spray silly string into the boys apartment who allowed the goose into my kitchen. They loved that. Maggie Moos became our best friend as well as the Dollar Store. And we watched Nacho Libre' 500 times as well as Hannah Montana. We learned how to entertain ourselves. So with that said- the four little rugrats gave me a thumbs up on the job.


Jake and Jenna said...

you are going to be a good mommy.

Jace and Lauren Wittwer said...

hey rach! how are you?!? these kids are so cute! and you sound like you did great babysitting them and had lots of fun! well hope everything is going great! question...are there any plans yet for a bridal shower or something for megan?

Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

sorry but that just made me laugh outloud thinking about the bathroom scene....good job rachey poo

this might tickle your fancy

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