Bledsoe's Visit!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

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This weekend was quite the treat! My friends from BYU, Brandon & Andrew Bledsoe came to visit P-town before they head off to Austrailia and New Zealand for their missions! Having them back in the college scene really kept us sane because we all miss them like crazy. We spent their first night in town in Salt Lake. We hit up Gateway, shoved our faces with California Pizza Kitchen where "I" spilt Bill's peach lemonade all over JD's pants and then we danced the night away to our favorite 80's tunes at Area 51. It felt so great to have them back, just like the olden days that happened six months ago. We have the craziest times together and half the time we do jack. We just screw around and laugh our heads off. For instance the other night we found the Midget Colony in Sugarhouse and we roamed through the villiage. We screamed our heads off when a old woman midget peeked through the weekend and flashed her front porch lights to warn the other villiagers. We busted out of there screaming but then laughing at the same time- i almost wet myself due to fear, excitement and laughing. The next night we chased packs of deer in my car and relived the moments of Tommy Boy- we even drove the car through Helaman Halls on the sidewalks... I wouldn't be surprised if I get loads of tickets in the mail along with pictures of us frolicking with the midgets and deer... that would be the day... anyways- here is to the good old random times with the Bledsoes and college friends!

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