Drafting A Little Bit of California.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

So I have fallen in love with California. And here are a little tid bit things that I have become obsessed with that are now apart of my life thanks to cali. (not my cat, but the state.)

Poppies! They are my new favorite flower and they shall be my wedding flowers and I shall have my reception in a white tent in the center of a poppy field. wa-la.

Vans: my feets latest fetish.

Long baggy Cardigans. Credit to Mr. Andrew Bledsoe. Strangly, they really get to me.

A cruiser! A happening way to get some exercise.
And of course Pink Berry. Frozen Natural Yogurt drizzled with mango, kiwi, and mochi. only the tastebuds greatest weakness.

i cherish it all.

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