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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

today wasn't so shabby. i woke early oh so early in the morning. and with a horrible nights sleep, my head feels like its bobbing. fortunately, the sun was beating today and i had a nice break in between classes. long enough break to where i got to lounge by a pool with my girl niki and absorb my first set of rays for the year. notes/goals for this year SKIN CANCER PREVENTION & WRINKLE PREVENTION. it is my goal, and duty to not allow an ounce of red to enter onto my skin. 50+ sunscreen will do the trick and if it takes me weeks to get a bronze glow, then weeks i'll wait. goal is to get golden and run from my indian red i normally get. 

the bees sure were buzzing away today. niki and i hung out with two little stingers for three straight hours. hiding on niki's back, dangling on my toes and peeking into my head scarf. can you blame them though? the flower buds are blooming and life is coming back to utah. 

painting II was ehh okay today. for my final we have to do three individual abstracts, which aren't really my cup of tea. this area of fine arts is a little out of my comfort zone and im already bout to throw in the towel. students in my class chose subject matters such as flowers, turtles, apples, landscapes.... i chose moths. and im wrapping that idea up and going to try to start over with a new idea in mind and higher hopes. (keep fingers crossed) Im going to attempt to abstract that pink flamingo up above on the pillow up there. yep. im gonna abstract the crap out of that thing and it doesn't turn out... well i'll be. i dont even know... i'll just be happy it's all said and done i guess. so wish my luck. spring of 2011: butterflies. spring of 2012 : FLAMINGOS. 

p.s. i can't get enough of these critter alphabet stamps. too cute for words.

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Ed and Amanda said...

just looked at millions of your instagrams and miss you so much. are you going home for summer? if so, we need to get together soon! actually either way.

Lindsay Nicole said...

I need this goal too! LOVE your new header and miss yo dearly!

this might tickle your fancy

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