oscar de la renta coral necklace

Friday, April 13, 2012

pretty pumped over this one. on the left shows oscar de la rentas coral necklace from seasons seasons ago. i, however, have been drooling since the end of time over this one. too bad its about $1,000 something bucks. one can dream, right?

years and years later, i take a trip to michaels craft store and low and behold, in a hidden corner, on clearance lies these large coral pieces. what did these remind me of? OH MY GOSH, OSCAR! so guess what I did? I bought ALL OF THEM. every single one that was left, i took them all. Not knowing, how i'd turn it into a necklace, seeing as how i know nothing on making jewelry, i kept them stashed in a bowl on my desk. It's been months now, and finally on a rainy day, i decided to put my oscar coral to the test. I went straight back to that craft store, got crafty and did as best as I could to put together my own take of oscar de la renta's coral necklace. And this is what I got, and surprisingly, i am very pleased. Now, I know it's not the real thing, and I so wish I could have found some orange coral, but it's the best I could do and i'll take it. pat on  the back for me! now lets hope the gold chain doesn't croak on the first use of it. it's pretty dang heavy, and yeah, i'd call it a statement piece for sure.

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