june, johnny & jackson

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"im going to jackson, and that's a fact. im going to jackson, ain't comin' back."

so i do this thing, where I am just like my mom. my mom, in her spare time, when no one is around or home, practices her dance moves, in all seriousness, and I do the exact same thing. sometimes, I get a little frustrated with my lack of being able to pick up the charleston right on que, or im unable to figure out the whole dance to beyonce's music video so i decide to spend my spare time on what i know i can handle. BELTING. now, im not boasting at all, because who knows what i sound like to the ears of others. all i know is that im secretly a performer. and i so badly, want that fame of standing on a stage and belting my vocals with a large audience applauding, or starring in an oscar winning film and having an audience crying at my work. how pathetic am i? for real though, i dream of this kind of thing.

so when i say im just like my mom, i mean, i spend my spare time in front of my mirror, in the bathroom, since the echo is pretty unreal in there, and i put on my go-to diva songs one of which is tina turners, "proud mary" or celine dions version of "river deep, mountain high." and i jam. on repeat for a good two hours. i tend to really do this in the shower, but i hit a major jackpot when my roommates are out of the house and i have the place to myself to really pump  up the volume, grab my mic and perform the crap out of those songs. lately, my main song is johnny cash and june carters "jackson." i really can't stop. i like to pretend that i am reese witherspoon in 'walk the line' and that im pulling off a heck of a better job than she did. though that's completely impossible, while im dreaming, i can totally beat her to the task.

my roommate niki caught me today, and since the secret of the new song of the week was out, i was able to get my roommates boyfriend to become johnny for me. i really needed a male to finish my duo, and i hate to say it, but we were jammin a good tune. im now really wanting to be june carter for halloween, and im trying to convince the zoo to be my johnny cash. i tossed the idea out to him today, and luckily his response was, "maybe." that's a really good response. this means a possibility. what he doesn't know is that if we do dress up as johnny and june, he has to learn the part, and sing a duet with me. im making him. and maybe we'll just make a music video out of it..... whoops!

im out of control. i just want to entertain. that's all.

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