jcrew spring jams.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I love following JCrew's blog for the pure joy of their awesome seasonal playlists. They just came out with their VOL. 1 for spring and I love it. I will say i did tweak a few songs here and there. Kept songs on that suit me most and knocked off some that weren't really my style, and substituted them with jams I really did that fit the category of spring.  Take a gander, open your ear and enjoy the sweet sounds of spring, brought to you by jcrew and i .

Crystal Fighters - 'At Home' 
Elvis Presley - 'Bossa Nova Baby'
Plastic Bertrand - 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' 
Robyn - 'Call Your Girlfriend' 
Gotye - 'I Feel Better' 
Lana Del Rey - 'National Anthem'
Diane Birch - 'Speak A Little Louder'
Lana Del Rey - 'Summertime Sadness'

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Anonymous said...

Who is she ?

this might tickle your fancy

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