i can't stop pinning.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

pinterest. i've been hooked since summer of 2011 i believe. im still hooked. and i can't stop. i've decided its most proactive way of wasting your time because i never feel like time is being wasted. instead, im organizing, and gaining ideas for future home, current home, wardrobe, diy, my paintings, beauty. well all things female. and well, women are a lot to keep up with. so i feel like my pinterest is my personal site of all things rachel. and, i can't help but sit back and think how pretty it all looks. such a great tool, why was i not the genius to actually put a site together like this? I do believe i've had a 'wedding' album in my iphoto since 2007, for this very reason of organizing or "pinning" things that i loved with no where to put them. any hoo if you wanna follow, come join me at rachel robbins pinterest  happy pinning.

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