a patch of pumpkins.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

two weeks ago, maybe three. the sistas and i made our way through
thanksgiving points pumpkin patch for free. how so you ask? well we accidently
walked in through the exit. no worries. karma hit when the pumpkins were $15.
come again? so we took a snap shot of proof that we went to a patch of pumpkins
and drove back to the valley and found ourselves digging in macy's grocery store.
we found ourselves four beauties. 5 bucks each with 3 buck carving kits.
came home, worked vigorously on our boys, broke 2-3 carving knives,
forgot to bake the pumpkin seeds,
and realized we carved pumpkins 3-4 weeks
before halloween meaning the rotting session will occur
in three days. shizam.

long story short. our pumpkins were the best thing that has happened
to all of us. we were pretty proud of our products.
so proud, we displayed them in our front windows.
lit them for the world to see, patted ourselves on the backed
and called it a night.

unfortunately, an uproar occurred at plan b the following night.
while nik and i were taking out the trash, we were speaking to maris from the windows, and well.... to be funny maris dangled niks anthro-like pumpkin out the window threatening to drop it. of course maris would never do such a thing, but the anthro-pumpkin was so frail and fragile that it snapped.
right before niks eyes.
splat. murder. death.
nik shrieked.
i instantly went into fetal position in fear
that i would wet myself right then and there.
before i know it, nik is hauling butt up three flights of stairs.
goes straight to the window, picks up maris pumpkin and
chucks it with such anger and might.
once again, i can no longer stand the insanity.
marissa is now found on the ground screaming bloody murder.
ive never witnessed anything so dramatic in my life.
i was eating the whole commotion up.
the death of two pumpkins didn't matter.
mine and kristi's were rotten by sunup.
i wished i smashed mine like a physco.

any hoo. happy spook season!


Jenna said...

could you girls get any prettier?? seriously, the picture is gorgeous and i miss all of you. much love...

Jake and Jenna said...

i am laughing out loud.

this might tickle your fancy

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