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Monday, October 11, 2010

hip hip hooray! this past friday, I made my way south to salem, utah to visit baby kojo for the first time since ghana. kojo was such a sight to see. he is the happiest four year old i've come across. he raspy voice with a hint of a ghanaian accent cracks me up his english is pretty impressive and his laugh is contagious. i can't get over his big brown eyes. i mean they are huge, and full of curiosity & love. i really am obsessed with kojo. im just really grateful he is where he is with a solid loving family. the birds can't get enough of their new son. kojo loves to show off his cars and trucks. he thinks they are the coolest toys known to man kind. i agree with kojo, they are pretty dope.
kojo loves to run up to you and snuggle in your lap. this is very out of the blue but it makes me really giddy. his mom was telling me how impatient kojo gets in the car. you see, in ghana there really are no traffic rules. in fact you're more likely to die in a car accident then by a AK-47. amy said when she stop at a stop sign, kojo went ballistic. his raspy voice start to yell, "GO MAMA! GOOOOO MOVE JUST GOOO!"
though kojo is now going to be raised in an LDS family, he found some prayer beads at a friends house, wrapped them around his neck, made a horn out of paper and stomped around the room praising, "hallelujah JESUS! hallelujah LORD! hallelujah HEAVENLY FATHER! hallelujah GOD!"
he is a spunky one, that kojo. full of imagination and a great childhood a head of him.
this babe knows how blessed he is. you can tell in the joy he carries every minute of everyday. dear kojo, i just love you . i adore you and i am so thankful you are now here in a place that will treat you right, keep you safe & give you tender love and care.
welcome to america.
and thank you for the goodbye smooches.
you really smothered them on me.
see you sooner then soon baby kojo.

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Tracey said...

What a great experience you had. This warms my heart. He looks like a wonderful little boy to know. x

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