storm hits apt. 301.

Monday, October 25, 2010

this photo was taken on the last sunday of warm weather.
family and friends spent the afternoon in the park chatting up storms, tossing volleyballs (some at peoples faces. yeah, i had a marsha brady moment. mr. jd rasmussen aimed for my leg but somehow hit the jackpot of the side of my face.)
we were all having a gay ol' time. how could we not? it was mid october and still in the low 60's. this never happens. well little did we know that mother nature was going to ruin my party and make it rain. and when it rains, it pours.
this past sunday was a monsoon.
i don't think i've seen it rain like this EVER in utah.
i mean, it was drizzling through out the whole day, not a big deal but come 2 am while im in a deep slumber, the monsoon killed my dream. if you don't know, im the one roommate who was booted up to the loft of the apartment. i call it my throne. i have this window on the ceiling that protrudes outward like a bubble. when rain hits that bubble, it's like bullets from a gun. now, i love thunderstorms, believe me, being from the south, i live for those suckers. but this storm last night scared the living day lights out of me. maybe because my loft is kind of creepy to begin with and who knows what died up here... but i was not having it, so i bolted down the stairs to find that all of the electricity was out. jackpot. and i really had to go to the bathroom. i was blindly walking through the halls with my arms stretched out to stay clear of the mirrors because seeing my own reflection at night freaks me out as well. because of this, i am really thankful we have about 5 mirrors on every diameter of apt. 301. why did the scene of the dead girl in the bathtub in "what lies beneath" have to pop into my head while i was sitting alone in the dark in my bathroom? i dont know, but i didn't flush the toilet because i didn't want strangers to know that i was awake. im lame...

funny enough, i wasn't the only one crying in my bed. poor marissa was all balled up in her covers texting me and begging me to come to her room. i refused, making her come to my throne. she didn't have to argue when she realized i slept in a full size bed. i died laughing when she walked into my room with a battery powered candle to guide her up the stairs, which she later knocked me out with in the mouth because she "saw someone." anyways, though my full size bed is a dream, my costco nuva foam placed on this dream is a twin so mariss and i were not having that either. we were kind of delirious and now wide awake that we couldn't stop laughing. she wouldn't stop playing footsie with me, so i kicked her out of my throne.

long story short. i lost a lot of sleep because of a big storm,
that granted:
power outage
40 degree weather
snow capped mountains
and being an hour late to class due to
alarm being off.

happy monday to you all.
welcome to winter.
lets make the best of it.

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kristi neil said...

perfect time to go to CA! 80 degree weather here we come!!!

this might tickle your fancy

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