midnight run.

Friday, October 22, 2010

breakfast past midnight at magleby's fresh is the bomb.com
i will say though, nothing beats my southern waffle house.
which might i add, is open 24 hours.
with servers who most likely hate their jobs
but love the customers.
and has a jut-box with a great selection of jams.
and smothered
diced all-star hashbrowns.
but for the meantime,
ill suck it up with maglebys.


POJO Fitness said...

um did you know there are FOUR in my small georgia town??? i will take you to all of them if you come visit.

Ed and Amanda said...

oh yum, I miss it too rachel. I remember when we ran into that man there on drugs. He liked us, a lot.

this might tickle your fancy

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