March, March.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sara and I have been on a roll with getting to know the outdoors. 
We no longer drive places. 
We ride places, with two wheels, two pedals, and two handle bars. 
And on occasion we hike. 

Twenty One.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Todays the big day for a special little chica.
She goes by the name of Sara Rae Mildenhall. 
Today Sara turns 21 which is a pretty big deal. 
Sara is a big deal. And today will be a grand celebration. 
So those of you who don't know her very well can now get the chance through this birthday post. 
Why? Because she is well worth it. 
And you sure are missing out. 
1. Sara is the definition of life. She loves life. She lives it well and lives it long meaning- she never goes to bed because she doesn't want to waste time, nor miss out. 
2. And in order to keep her battery pack going, Sara lives off of Red Bull. Red Bull of course gives her wings, which makes her an angel. (cheesy line, but I had to.)
Yes, I know these are shakes but you get the idea. She might as well be a  sponsor for Red Bull. 
3. Sara is a clapper. She loves to clap her hands. If she thinks something is hysterical, she claps. If she's happy she claps. If she is excited or giddy, she claps she claps. And it's not just any clap: it's the clap of a beaming little five year old, meaning... Sara isn't hard to please. She sees the good in everything. 
4. Sara has a load of close friends. She is loyal to them. She doesn't ever leave anyone hanging. And she treats them all with equal love and respect. She never singles one out. It's not in her blood to do so. That makes her a good friend because you feel important and worth every second when you are near her. 
5. Sara is the perfect height to lean on. With that said, you can always rely on her to build you up, give you advice and remind you that those who hurt you aren't worth it and that you deserve more than you give yourself credit for. That's why we always run and call Sar for advice. 
She's our "Dear Dalila."
That's why we lean on her. 
6. Sara is a champion. She wins at everything. Game boards, soccer... you name it she won't give in. 
7. Saras heart belongs in Peru. She went to Peru hoping to help and gain a friendship with the people and came home leaving her heart with the kiddies. Her companionship and love will make her a great Aunt. 
8. Sara is a foxy lady. And she doesn't try hard at all. She naturally looks beautiful all of the time. She is classy and smart. 
Did I mention heart breaker?
9. Sara is FUN. She is always up for a good time and makes life a little less stressful. She makes you kill over laughing at simple things that you would normally not laugh about. She is goofy, easy going, free spirited and does her own thing. 
10. If you know Sara then you are set to go in life. Because once you get to know her, you start living a little better. Sara darling we all love you to death, thank you for all that you do for all of your friends. You are such a blessing to us all. 
Happy Birthday Sara Rae. 

Logie Log.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I was never into high School. I think I was known for this too. 
Just didn't suit me.
You could say the only thing about High School that kept me going was my Logie Log. 
Logan Baker. 

We met freshmen year in Miss Monks Physical Science class.
We got stuck sitting next to each other. 
She said something sassy to monk, and I looked at her impressed and thought, 
"she's going to be a fun one." 
And that she was. From then on Log and I became the best of friends. 
Reasons why Logan is the woman. 
1. She could care less what others think of her, as long as she's happy with herself. 
2. Log is wild. 
3. She has a fetish for Gwen Stefani. She even went platinum for her sake. And I digged it. 
4. Logan is amazing at hair. 
5. Her fashion sense is one of a kind. No one can beat it, and no one can pull it off as well as her. 
6. She loves her family. Especially her niece. Log is a great aunt. 
7. Logan is passionate and lives up to what she believes in. 
8. Logan is adventurous, brave and always up for something new. 
9. She is RANDOM. Thank goodness because boring gets, well boring...
10. She is a model. Seriously, a career ahead is calling her name. 
11. Log is witty and naturally beautiful. 
12. Everyone wanted to be her in High School. I only tell the truth. 
13. Logan won Miss Pope High School. 
14. She does the best impressions. 
15. She has one of the best laughs I've ever heard. 
16. She can pull off ANY hair color. 
17. Logan is independent. She can be entertained by herself because she is THAT MUCH FUN.
18. Just like her last name, she's a fabulous Baker. 
19. Logan accepts people for who they are. 
20. Logan is Logan. Which is quite the treat.

Life long friend. Those don't hang around too long after High School. 
But Log is a different one. You can't get rid of her. 
And I thank the heavens above for that. 
Love you long time logie log. 


Monday, May 18, 2009

Somebody slashed my tire Saturday night. Awesome I said. 
I guess that goes to show there are mad men in Provo. 
Or maybe I have created an enemy. 
And if that's the case, at least I made some what of an impression in their life for them to take such drastic measures. 
That's the only positive way to look at situations like this. 
With that said, I looked at Em, laughed my head off, dialed up a friend
and popped that spare into place and went on with life. 

I Belong Here.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I really think I would have had the time of my life if I lived in the fifties. 
When I was little I read most of my moms "Nancy Drew" books and was fascinated by every single one of them. Nancy is one of the reasons I have such a fetish for suspense and mystery. 
I loved everything about Nancy: from the old vintage book covers to her friends and creepy nights. My mom and I love to go in antiques stores in Georgia when I am home and they always have a section of paperback vintage books. Nancy is ALWAYS known to be there. 
And if only I could prance on the beach like miss Grace Kelly. 
And wear dresses and wear our hair like hers...

with men who are always so prim and proper. 
and wear shades such as these...

Not to mention Alfred Hitchcock and his amazing suspense movies. 
My Dad and I watch them all of the time together and they never get old. 

I am telling you: I was made for the fifties. 

1950's: great time. I sure wish I could have been a part of it. 
I think I would have fit in pretty well.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

For my twentieth birthday my cousin Ashley and friend Sara threw me a get-together with my closest friends here in happy valley. 
Ash and Sara were so cute and creative in decorating the party. 
They bought 30 goldfish for decoration. 
They framed pictures of me and my best friends. 
Especially those boys of mine who couldn't be with me to celebrate. 
Everything was so thoughtful, personal, and touching. 
I had such a fun night. 
I say it all of the time and I'll say it again... 
I have the greatest friends ALL OVER the world. 

picture descriptions. 
1. on-the-dot. at exactly 12:00 am May 7th, Em and Sara bought me a breakfast burrito. Shoved a candle in it and sang happy birthday to me. Just the three of us. 
it was amazing. and so were their voices. 
em: get a blog. 

2. Ash and I with the table display. She knows I love color, therefore everything was colorful BAM. And the goldfish... there were thirty of them. I like to say that gives me 30 years of good luck. Although it makes me a little nervous that they all died except for eleven who are know swimming in duck pond. 

3. Pictures of my boys. This was probably my favorite decoration of the night. 

4. Friends. A girl needs some great girlfriends. I've got a great bunch. Never thought I'd say that too for the fact that I've only had guys as friends. 
Thank you missions. 

5. More friends and my birthday cupcakes baked by the one and only:
She's a gem and her baking skills blew everyone out of the water. Even Miss Martha Stewart.

6. Some of my boys in Provo now. They are wild and out of control. My dancing Machines. With that said, they did give me a birthday dance. At times I couldn't even handle it I was dying laughing. 

7. See? They are wild. 

The JCrew Life.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Do you remember the Wallgreens commercials where they made life look like a wonderland. Where everything was perfect and dandy and the town was straight out of the 50's? Everything was picture perfect. It's true. 
I loved those commercials. 
They were full of much imagination. 

I feel the very same way about JCrew Ads. 
The pictures seem so ooo and ahh. 
I can't describe it really. 
But I do wish I could live a day in JCrew Life. 
What would it be like?

Im Feeling Good.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

There is something about summer that brings me to life.
I believe it's a happy time for everyone . 
Its a season to be 
careless : adventurous : alive : colorful : natural : spunky : 
the list is endless. 
and I intend to live through all of these adjectives. 
rise and shine shall come bright and early:
the afternoons will drag out:
and the nights will be lit by young life and won't go to bed till sunrise.
from here on out, this blog will be dedicated to the good life of summer. 
adventure after adventure.
so welcome. 

life is good. 
maybe too good.

Love Story & Viva La Vida.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This piano arrangement of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" tied in with Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" 
is unreal. 
Here's some music to enlighten your day. 

Cheers For Oprah!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oprah Just Rescued the city of Chicago! 
An hour before her show starring guests Ellen Degeneres and Hugh Jackman, 
Oprah heard Invisible Children outside her window, 
came out and asked, "What can I do to help?"
Chicago was the last city to be saved. 
What a great victory. 

waiting to see if Oprah will give Invisible Children a shot. 
Calling family thinking they may have gotten Oprah to come out. 

making the impossible possible. 
Oprah wants to help. Jason and Invisible Children are on the show!

the meet and greet. 
oprah hears Invisible Children's story. 
She was so moved that she agreed to make it a segment in her show and ask people to help. To go online, see the documentary and do all that you can. 

the greatest moment of the rescue. 

Something To Live For.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Recently Invisible Children have made their latest documentary "The Rescue." Coming to the end of the longest running war in Africa, Invisible Children insists on saving 90% of the LRA, the Lords Resistant Army, lead by the leader Joseph Kony. 

90% of the LRA are abducted soldiers. 
90% of the LRA are under 18 years of age. 
90% of the LRA are pleaded to be rescued. 

On April 25th, thousands of participants gathered in 100 cities across the world to symbolically abduct themselves to free the abducted. 
And wait to be rescued. 

But here's the facts that we had to move by:
Our culture is determined by three forces.

It's a fact: Money makes the world go' round. 
The media decides what stories in the world are worth telling. 
And Moguls compete for the attention of the media. 
which makes them both money. 
And this cycle repeats itself over and over again. 
Defining and redefining our priorities. 

The truth is: THEY NEED US. 
And when the masses take action, 

... and history is rewritten. 
A slave is freed. 
A vote is counted. 
A wall is torn down. 
And a revolution begins. 
A revolution for life, love, justice, and freedom. 

On April 25th, we abducted ourselves to be rescued.
Rescued by the cultural forces:

We meet at our abduction site.
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

And walked to an LRA Camp (The Gallavin Center)
And waited, like the abducted children are waiting. 
And this is what we did: 
We contacted Moguls: The gatekeepers of culture, to come rescue us. 
We made sure the media came to rescue us. 
The story deserves mainstream coverage.
So we had to get it covered. 
And we didn't go home until they both arrived. 
We had one month to be rescued. 
It took Salt Lake City 4 1/2 hours to be rescued. 
With an audience of 1,000, we were rescued at 7:30 pm by Senator Robert Bennett. 

pictures of the rescue

Los Angeles, California

Sydney, Australia

New Orleans, Louisiana 

these pictures are just bits and pieces of the history we've created in 100 cities worldwide. 
Now here is the aftermath. 
this is worth living for.

this might tickle your fancy

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