Sunday, May 10, 2009

For my twentieth birthday my cousin Ashley and friend Sara threw me a get-together with my closest friends here in happy valley. 
Ash and Sara were so cute and creative in decorating the party. 
They bought 30 goldfish for decoration. 
They framed pictures of me and my best friends. 
Especially those boys of mine who couldn't be with me to celebrate. 
Everything was so thoughtful, personal, and touching. 
I had such a fun night. 
I say it all of the time and I'll say it again... 
I have the greatest friends ALL OVER the world. 

picture descriptions. 
1. on-the-dot. at exactly 12:00 am May 7th, Em and Sara bought me a breakfast burrito. Shoved a candle in it and sang happy birthday to me. Just the three of us. 
it was amazing. and so were their voices. 
em: get a blog. 

2. Ash and I with the table display. She knows I love color, therefore everything was colorful BAM. And the goldfish... there were thirty of them. I like to say that gives me 30 years of good luck. Although it makes me a little nervous that they all died except for eleven who are know swimming in duck pond. 

3. Pictures of my boys. This was probably my favorite decoration of the night. 

4. Friends. A girl needs some great girlfriends. I've got a great bunch. Never thought I'd say that too for the fact that I've only had guys as friends. 
Thank you missions. 

5. More friends and my birthday cupcakes baked by the one and only:
She's a gem and her baking skills blew everyone out of the water. Even Miss Martha Stewart.

6. Some of my boys in Provo now. They are wild and out of control. My dancing Machines. With that said, they did give me a birthday dance. At times I couldn't even handle it I was dying laughing. 

7. See? They are wild. 


Dani Stolworthy said...

happy 20 rachy!

Jake and Jenna said...

i love all these pictures. and i love your outfit. i feel like i haven't talked to you in awhile. call me. i never know when you wake up.

this might tickle your fancy

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