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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I really think I would have had the time of my life if I lived in the fifties. 
When I was little I read most of my moms "Nancy Drew" books and was fascinated by every single one of them. Nancy is one of the reasons I have such a fetish for suspense and mystery. 
I loved everything about Nancy: from the old vintage book covers to her friends and creepy nights. My mom and I love to go in antiques stores in Georgia when I am home and they always have a section of paperback vintage books. Nancy is ALWAYS known to be there. 
And if only I could prance on the beach like miss Grace Kelly. 
And wear dresses and wear our hair like hers...

with men who are always so prim and proper. 
and wear shades such as these...

Not to mention Alfred Hitchcock and his amazing suspense movies. 
My Dad and I watch them all of the time together and they never get old. 

I am telling you: I was made for the fifties. 

1950's: great time. I sure wish I could have been a part of it. 
I think I would have fit in pretty well.


Brian said...

Me too...the fifties are the best.

Reimstar said...

Oh my gosh yes! I've been saying this for years~the 50's are the greatest! In heaven I think we will all look and dress like Grace Kelly and live in perfect little houses on a long colorful street. Perfection.

Grant + Brittany said...

oh my gosh i know right? and i totally think of my dad when i hear anything about alfred hitchcock. what good parents we have though, because i definitely have girlfriends who have no interest in old movies... and i think they are the best! love the picture from to catch a thief. my all time favorite line ever is from rear window when grace pulls out some lingerie and says to jimmy stewart- "this is a preview of coming attractions" hahaha oh i love it. now that is seduction that i'm okay with! one of the many reasons why the fifties rock.

Meagan Foulger said...

haha i love this. i think you should exchange your white ray bans for those other ones! i love them

this might tickle your fancy

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