The JCrew Life.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Do you remember the Wallgreens commercials where they made life look like a wonderland. Where everything was perfect and dandy and the town was straight out of the 50's? Everything was picture perfect. It's true. 
I loved those commercials. 
They were full of much imagination. 

I feel the very same way about JCrew Ads. 
The pictures seem so ooo and ahh. 
I can't describe it really. 
But I do wish I could live a day in JCrew Life. 
What would it be like?


Jake and Jenna said...

i love the new blog makeover. seriously, it looks good.

Shannan Charlene said...

totally agree. i'd gladly live there with you.

liz & allison said...

your new blog looks so good.. ok how do you do your headers like that? i need to know the secret!

and, i wish my life was a jcrew catolouge all the time.. i want my pojo blog to look like a fitness jcrew ish type feel.. it needs some serious help and attention!

this might tickle your fancy

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