Twenty One.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Todays the big day for a special little chica.
She goes by the name of Sara Rae Mildenhall. 
Today Sara turns 21 which is a pretty big deal. 
Sara is a big deal. And today will be a grand celebration. 
So those of you who don't know her very well can now get the chance through this birthday post. 
Why? Because she is well worth it. 
And you sure are missing out. 
1. Sara is the definition of life. She loves life. She lives it well and lives it long meaning- she never goes to bed because she doesn't want to waste time, nor miss out. 
2. And in order to keep her battery pack going, Sara lives off of Red Bull. Red Bull of course gives her wings, which makes her an angel. (cheesy line, but I had to.)
Yes, I know these are shakes but you get the idea. She might as well be a  sponsor for Red Bull. 
3. Sara is a clapper. She loves to clap her hands. If she thinks something is hysterical, she claps. If she's happy she claps. If she is excited or giddy, she claps she claps. And it's not just any clap: it's the clap of a beaming little five year old, meaning... Sara isn't hard to please. She sees the good in everything. 
4. Sara has a load of close friends. She is loyal to them. She doesn't ever leave anyone hanging. And she treats them all with equal love and respect. She never singles one out. It's not in her blood to do so. That makes her a good friend because you feel important and worth every second when you are near her. 
5. Sara is the perfect height to lean on. With that said, you can always rely on her to build you up, give you advice and remind you that those who hurt you aren't worth it and that you deserve more than you give yourself credit for. That's why we always run and call Sar for advice. 
She's our "Dear Dalila."
That's why we lean on her. 
6. Sara is a champion. She wins at everything. Game boards, soccer... you name it she won't give in. 
7. Saras heart belongs in Peru. She went to Peru hoping to help and gain a friendship with the people and came home leaving her heart with the kiddies. Her companionship and love will make her a great Aunt. 
8. Sara is a foxy lady. And she doesn't try hard at all. She naturally looks beautiful all of the time. She is classy and smart. 
Did I mention heart breaker?
9. Sara is FUN. She is always up for a good time and makes life a little less stressful. She makes you kill over laughing at simple things that you would normally not laugh about. She is goofy, easy going, free spirited and does her own thing. 
10. If you know Sara then you are set to go in life. Because once you get to know her, you start living a little better. Sara darling we all love you to death, thank you for all that you do for all of your friends. You are such a blessing to us all. 
Happy Birthday Sara Rae. 


Jake and Jenna said...

sara looks so cute in all these pictures. you're a good friend too rach..

sara rae said...

rachel robbins. thank you so much. you are such an amazing friend. thanks for making my 21st so much fun. love you!

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